Welcome To The Age of
Augmented Reality Where we:

Harness the power of AR to boost your customer reach

Grow your business with the help of interactive ads.

Immerse yourself in super realistic VR experiences

How is AR & VR transforming businesses in the present day?

AR and VR incorporation in businesses can prove to be highly beneficial and it can completely transform the face of advertising while improving performance.

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Why Choose Us?

Elegant / Unique design

We Design a PRO quality AR filter forImmersive Experience, enhancing everyday life (by making it more engaging or satisfying) via Digital Technology.

Strong Expertise

With our core field of expertise, We always remain on the cutting edge of the newest and most successful Technology trends andare result-focused.

Make it Simple

We Design what you need and make those challenges become a reality.Great creativity is needed to take it all, we make it simple and Attractive.

True Responsiveness

Designed to intelligently bring Creativity and transform the user experience. Get next-level engagement with Real-World and Face-Tracking AR Filters, Playable Ads and WebAR.


Improve your brand marketing with AR filters and advertisements.

Find out how AR enabled ads can increase your brands exposure and improve performance.

CEAT Case Study

We have worked with CEAT to design a hyper-realistic virtual reality experience for the customer service of CEAT tyres.The VR experiences are visually appealing and gave their customers a 360° interactive product visualisation experience. Offline events and workshops has been conducted by CEAT with clients which proved to be fruitful as the brain retains such interactive memories more and as a result has increased customer engagement by 40%.

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About Us

SpotAR utilizes the power of Augmented reality to create Customized AR filters for your brand offerings along with Facebook interactive playable ads, which can boost up your brand's customer engagement and make your reach wider via major social media platforms.

We give virtual reality/VR solutions for your brand which enables your audience to virtually experience your products or offerings in a real-world environment.

AR and VR incorporation in business has proven to be highly beneficial and can completely transform the face of advertising while boosting up the performance.


Understand How the following sectors are benefitted by the incorporation of AR:

Education and Learning

Reinvent learning process with real life visualization to improve memory.

Cosmetics & Accessories

Give your customers the option to try before buy.

Fashion & Retails

Delve into the world of fashion with realistic try on features

Marketing and Advertising

Boost your sales and customer engagement


Get the 3D- visualization of your favorite vehicle before you buy

  • AR Experience
    Great Reach

    We create and build stunning augmented reality experiences that are fun, immersive, high engaging and reach billions of people using social media platforms.

  • Creativity
    Top level

    We create and bring your dream to reality. Designing digital experiences for AR Filter, Playable Ads and VR is what we expertise in.

  • Discover
    Explore work

    We enjoy a uniquely inspiring culture, where we can innovate, collaborate and grow. Come Discover, Explore and Make it work..

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